Mentoring Programs

Mentoring Programs

Big Brothers Big Sister’s of Washington County has a variety of programs and options to fit the diverse lifestyles of volunteers and families.  Being a Big Brother or Big Sister is a rewarding volunteer opportunity with a direct and significant impact on one child.  Bigs have the opportunity to shape children’s futures by empowering them to realize their potential and develop the skills needed to achieve success now and into adulthood.

Community Based MentoringKatts

An adult volunteer (individual, couple or family) is matched with one child.  Twice a month for at least one year, the match explores shared interests together through simple activities in the community, at the volunteer’s home, or with BBBS groups.  Scheduling is flexible and based on the volunteer’s and child’s schedules.

School Based Mentoring

school lunch

An adult volunteer is matched one-to-one with a child at one of the elementary schools located throughout Washington County.  The match enjoys time together once a week during the child’s lunch and recess period for at least one school year.  They may use the library or an office board games, reading, or crafts, or go outside on school grounds.  Mail or e-mail contact bridges the summer months until meetings resume the next school year.

The LifeSmith Project

The LifeSmith Project is an option for Community Based matches with Middle and High School students, with an emphasis on academic goals and career planning.  Community based matches meet at least twice per month. When part of the LifeSmith project, one monthly meeting is with the LifeSmith group and one is on their own.   LifeSmith meetings include visits to a wide variety of area businesses forMm_Ww_ArtMuseum tours and information on what types of jobs are offered in that business and what type of education or preparation is required.  LifeSmith participants also set yearly academic goals and follow up within the match and within the LifeSmith group.  LifeSmith and Community Based mentoring combine the fun of group and individual activities with a focus on the Little’s education and post-high school goals.

NEW-Club Mentor is a site-based mentoring program for Hartford area matches with Littles in grades 1-5.  Bigs and Littles are matched one-to-one but participate in a group mentoring program meeting at least two times per month for two hours on a Tuesday or Thursday evening at the Redeemer Lutheran Church parsonage located on the corner of W. Lincoln and S. Rural streets in Hartford.  A staff person from Big Brothers Big Sisters leads the matches in a group activity for part of the time and then matches have quality one-on-one time to play games, read, do projects and more together.  This site-based program offers a little more structure and support for those just starting in the program. There is always a place to go and activities planned!

If you know someone, a potential Big or potential Little, that might like this type of mentoring program, give us a call for more information, or if you are a potential volunteer view this CLUB MENTOR flier to learn even more. If you would like to enroll your child and want more info, view this CLUB MENTOR flier. If you are ready to enroll as a Big in Club Mentor click HERE…if you would like to enroll your child in Club Mentor click HERE.

Within each program, volunteers have options for enrollment

Big Brother – an individual Big Brother will be matched with a Little Brother

Big Sister – an individual Big Sister may be matched with a Little Sister or a Little Brother.  Cross-gender matches are made only with Big Sisters and younger Little Brothers who are missing a female role model in their lives

Big Couple – a couple may be matched with one child.  This offers flexibility in scheduling.  Usually the couple participates in activities with the Little together but could also schedule with just the Big Brother or just the Big Sister, if matched with a Little Brother.  In a Little Sister match, activities must be with the Big Sister or the Couple, but not the Big Brother alone.  In a Big Couple match, the child gets a male role model, a female role model, and a model of a healthy relationship.

Big Family – a couple can mentor together and include their own children.  Matching is carefully evaluated based on the age of the children in the mentor family.  Occasional one-to-one time is encouraged  but activities often involve the whole family.