Group Activities

Group Activities

Big Brothers Big Sisters has found that matches who participate in agency activities develop longer and stronger mentoring friendships. Group activities are usually no cost or minimal cost and give matches an opportunity to meet each other and develop new friendships.


Girl Power – Girl Power offers female matches bi-monthly activities that strengthen not only their own friendships, but are designed to develop new friendships and to empower girls in the program. A variety of fun and interactive activities focus on social skills, healthy eating, personal care, positive relationships and more.

Sisterhood –In the spirit of sisterhood, we invite our Big Sisters to attend this social and mentoring support circle. The concept of The Sisterhood is to provide a volunteer driven, fun, and casual adult opportunity for Big Sisters to share their mentoring experiences, strategies and activity ideas. It’s a great way to meet other Big Sisters and develop “match friendships”.

Guy’s Night Out – Guy’s Night Out offers quarterly activities for male matches. Hosted by Cabela’s in Richfield, the events cover topics and activities around outdoor activities and offer information and hands on learning to engage the matches in the program.

Match Activities – several times a year, the agency offers group activities for all matches. These include the Spring recognition dinner, a summer picnic, and an agency night at a West Bombers Ice Hockey game .

Ready-To-Be-Matched Activities – Local Businesses or organizations can host a one-time activity for children on the ready-to-be-matched list. These children are enrolled in the program, but not yet matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister. It could be a morning of bowling or mini-golf, an activity at the host business elsewhere in the community. The agency arranges for children to participate. The host group plans the activity and brings its members to be the “Bigs for the Day.”